Dating back 7000 years, the ancient history of Egypt can be found, not only in the Great Pyramids, but in the magnificent temples and tombs scattered throughout the country. Travelers step back in time while visiting the Great Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel, and experience a simpler time in Egypt, when pharaohs ruled the lands.


Turkey can be described as a nation of contrasts boasting natural, historical and contemporary attractions.


Jordan, the jewel of the Middle East, is a young country full of ancient sites and exciting history.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a collection of seven emirates, or regions.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Energize yourself with memorable, adventurous trips to Turkey from Canada

The quest earning more and more has turned the humans into machines. People work like a machine every day to cope up with the responsibilities superimposed on them. The work pressure at offices, fulfilling the responsibilities at home has always been an issue for everyone. Thus, human life has turned frustrating and depressing. So to add a bit of relaxation to our life, traveling to new places is the best alternative. Change of air and environment is very much required to refill our energy tanks. One of the most favored destinations for tourists is Turkey. The simple reason behind this is the landscape and atmosphere of this place. From snow covered mountains to deep crystal blue oceans, to never ending highways, everything is available here. Trips to Turkey from Canada can always be a treat.
Turkey facts
This country is located in a region comprising both the continents of Asia and Europe. A Large part of the country is located in Western parts of Asia. Very small part of the country is located in Europe. The country has got a blend of culture, religion, and architecture of Europe and Asia. Some of the most magnificent and powerful civilizations had their home in this part of the world. The Ottoman and Romans civilization grew up in this country. Architectural remains of all these civilizations are found in this country. There are various routes available for making trips to this country.
Perfect time to go to Turkey
The climate in Turkeyis hot summers and cold during the winters. Months from June to August is peak season for tourists. However, the cost of Turkey tours from Canada is moderate during this period. Travelers who interested to visit Turkey in the month of May or September, the flight tickets is much lower than the peak season. The prices are low due to the pleasant seasons of autumn and spring. Thus, it is one of the most convenient to make Citadel Tours-trips to Turkey from Canada.
These are some places must visit in Turkey
Istanbul – The most famous city of Turkey. There are many great places to see in Istanbul. During the Byzantine period, lots of beautiful Islamic architectures was built.  For example, The Blue mosque. The Ottoman emperor used to stay in the palace ofTopkapi. Tourists who good bargains can also visit the famous Grand Bazarand the Egyptian Bazar.
Antalya and Ephesus – You may one to visit the antique places of the Ionian Greek city. They are created with stones and marbles in Ephesus. Or you may choose to stay in resorts located in the seaside beaches of Antalya.
There are various other places to see in Turkeywhich can make it memorable trip. Citadel tours can help you arrange a trip to Turkey from Canada.
Thereare many places to see once a tourist visits Turkey. There are many architectural ruins and mosque which can be pretty adventurous for the tourists. Thus, a trip to this country will always be amazing.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Travel Jordan from Canada; the full traveller’s guide!

Travelling is not just a hobby but could mean a greater asset to some. Unraveling the sights and sounds of different places around the world is according to me the best kind of education and exposure anyone can get. From the white beaches of oriental Bali to the great pyramid of Giza, there is no dearth of beauty on this planet and if you are looking for a pristine getaway from Canada to the ravishing kingdoms that we know as the Middle East, here is all that you will possibly need to know about the place.

Jordan; the place at a glance!
Jordan is undoubtedly one of the loveliest places along the coast of the Jordan River, with Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria and the Palestinian territory surrounding it. From lovely river side locations, the exquisite Dead sea which offers travellers a once in a lifetime experience or reflections of the by gone era in the capital city of Amman, it is indeed a sight to behold.

The climate of the place is a truly mirror of the Mediterranean type of climate with very hot and dry summers and rainy spells from November to April. Such a climate is ideal for travelling to the place throughout the year but necessary kits should be made accordingly.

What can you do in your trip?
One relevant question you may think of when you Travel Jordan from Canada are the kind of activities that you can do in there.

·         If you plan to be in Jerash, which is highly suggested, trying an ancient Roman themed chariot race is a must. Well, due to the years and years of Roman influence on the place, chariot races in the style that actual Romans did is a favorite activity. It feels as though time travel is but a reality in this frame!

·         Wadi Rum, another great place for a stop in the place could be your picture-perfect locale for hot air ballooning! The place is miles and miles of beautiful, desolate sand and it is in these locales that a perfect evening with your beloved can be spent rustling with the winds!

·         If you are like me and look for a little bit of a sea in every place you go, a diving spree in Aqaba will be just as right for you. Coral reefs are a must watch here.

Custom made itineraries in Jordan
There are many tours that give you the opportunity to visit and explore the place. Citadel Tours -  Travel Jordan from Canada is one such name who has prime services and tours to die for! Travellers can choose tours based on the budget and time of travel- a Luxury trip for 10 days which covers places in and around the country like the city of Amman, Petra and the Dead Sea. Some important places these tours cover include, the Crusaders castle of Ajlun, Mt. Nebo in Petra and many more.

Booking the trip with a good company ensures knowledgeable guides who enrich the experience manifolds and cover all necessities in the place. The itineraries can be customized to a great extent and will surely make your money count.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Have a leisure holiday in the heart of Jordan

A safe, stable and marvelous location for holidaying, Jordan is most popular in the global world as being home to Petra, the incredibly amazing Nabataean city from the 6 century (BC) that was recently voted among the Top 7 new wonders of the world. An ‘’almost landlocked’’ country which is also home to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, Jordan is at its most beautiful during spring and autumn.
Jordan is a treasure of ruins with the roman ones from the 1-3 century located in Jerash, Nabataean ruins of the 6th century located in Petra, etc. While the desert castles and architectural ruins will satisfy the history lover and any visitor’s curiosity, Jordan’s true holidaying spirit lies in its sparkling green and blue beaches of Aqaba, the only port city. Situated in the south of the country, Aqaba offers a package wider than the beaches with its beautiful Heritage museums, old fort and city.  You can even go scuba diving in Aqaba and enjoy the marvels lying underneath the water. Jordan tours from Edmonton can be enjoyed within just a few days as tourists can visit Petra and Jerash on the same day, giving 5-6 hours to each. Getting a local guide to travel the ruins and the local market areas is the best as they help in understanding the local history, language and assist in appropriate shopping.
Jerash has a beautiful souq located outside the park where souvenirs can be bought for bargained prices. The ancient ruined roman city also has Hadrian’s Arch, the southern gate, Forum which is an oval shaped plaza, Agora, the market place of the city, Hippodrome, the roman era stadium, the temple of Artemis, a towering structure dedicated to the famed Greek deity, etc.  Jordan tours from Edmonton can be extended to 3-5 days but spending 2-3 days in Jordan would be sufficient for anyone looking for a change of climate, scenery, culture and everything else.
Dana Nature Reserve is another amazing location for hikers who enjoy the nature as the reserve offers hiking in Great Rift’s offshoot. The most underrated and least commercially spoiled way of enjoying Jordan in all its glory is through the Wadi Rum tents where you can spend a beautiful, desert night under the sparkling stars. Visiting the St. George’s Church for the Mosaic Map of the region is a must do for all as it unravels the Madaba history in a way that no other does.
Tourists can find easy, luxury as well as budget accommodation in Amman along with variety of eating out spots that offer local as well as interntional styles of food. Ecopark and meditation camp trips can also be arranged for groups of travelers who are seeking a specific type of relaxing holiday. So, if you are planning on visiting Petra and then spending some time under the desert sky, staying at a tribal cultural camp will serve you right. In fact, such a camp will also help you in understanding and enjoying the local cultures and entertainment.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Jordan – The Place You will Not Want to Miss in This Lifetime

We work harder and harder every day to make the money we are hardly able to enjoy. The modern lifestyle perhaps has a lot of material things to offer but very little time to enjoy them. If you compare the world today with what it was a few decades back, you will see that although the living standards have gone up, the quality of life has only fallen. Stress and anxiety are so common these days that instead of finding the solutions for them we have started to learn to live with them. However, in the longer run, this is definitely not good for our health and well being. What we need right now is to improve the quality of our life by taking the time out of our busy schedules. The best way to get relaxed and get rid of the stress is going on a vacation. Family trip or a tour with friends, no matter what you like, just go ahead and do it. Of the many places in the world, Jordan is definitely a place to be.

Prepare for the Jordan Tour

If you are living in Edmonton and planning a trip to Jordan, then you will find some really amazing tour packages on the online portals. There are a number of websites that offer great deals on the packages. Depending upon your budget and the amount of time you want to spend, you can opt for one of the available packages. The Jordan tours from Edmonton packages are usually categorized according to the levels of luxury and the number of days.

For instance, if you want to spend 3 days and 4 nights in Jordan, then you can opt for many packages offering that kind of stay. Each package will be differently priced depending upon the facilities they are offering. For example, a package offering a 4 or 5 star suite accommodation will be more expensive than the one offering a normal hotel room. The luxury packages include several other features including a better travel option for local commuting. Also, they may also give you the option for a better airline service from Edmonton to Jordan. However, it does not mean that the other packages are bad. It is all a matter of personal choice and preferences.

The packages are also categorized depending upon the duration of your vacation. For example, you can find a 2-day, 3-day, 4-day and even a one week package. The starter package with a 2-day plan will only cover the nearby famous tourist destinations. You may also opt for a tourist guide if you don’t want to be a solitary traveller. It is highly recommended that you go for at least a 4-day package. There is so much to see in Jordan that you will not want to miss anything. Although you cannot see it all in 4 days, you will still be able to tour a lot of them.

With so many amazing places to see, such as Jerash, Um Qais, Petra and Pella, Jordan is a must visit place for all the travel enthusiasts.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Looking for Egypt tours from Calgary tour packages, cater to the online travel websites immediately!

The present condition of our world is very hectic and in order to survive in it, one has to work their rears out. But working under severe pressure and that too on a regular basis takes its toll on the body as well as on the mind. What it seeks for is rest and relaxation, but in order to maintain our tight schedules as well as meet up our targets or goals, we sort of neglect that fact.  This is a very wrong thing to do! Sure it is essential to work hard but it is equally important to provide both the body as well as the mind that much needed rest. Taking a vacation is a very good option to ease out the mind and relieve the body parts from the accumulated stress and tediousness. There are many beautiful locations which one can go for. In fact in this segment we are going to talk about one such place which is tailor-made place for people looking for relaxation and along with that we are also going to address the best mode of getting there at cost-effective fashion. So, all those who seem interested in knowing about it, just tend to the stanzas which plummet.

turkey tours from Canada

The best mode of pulling off a tour:

The name of the place which we are going to address to our readers is the land of the Pharaohs or Egypt. The place has lots of history associated with it and also comprises of marvelous architecture as well as back drops for the people to submit to. Honestly speaking there are many who want to go and explore this place themselves but cannot find the right options of pulling it off. The people of Calgary are also included in that.  Hence to assist them with their journey there are several online travel and tour packages which provide people marvelous packages and deals. They have separate packages for people from different parts of world. Like for instance if we take the example of people who want to go to Egypt from Calgary, these websites have loads of Egypt tours from Calgary deals. These deals are extremely cost-effective in nature and allow people to pull-off their trips in splendid fashion. 

Egypt tours from Canada

These Egypt tours from Calgary deals include everything which one looks for in their travel packages such as accommodation, flights, transportation vehicles, travel guidance, timely meals as complimentary and many more.  These tours may include, group tours, family plans, single trips or personalized trips, organizational tours and etc.  They take people to experience the real beauty of Egypt and cover up all the striking aspects of this region. To accompany them in their tours, these agencies also send off professional as well as certified tour guides having all the knowledge about Egypt and completely versed in conversing in English so that no communication problems arise.

Jordan tours from Canada


Thus as a conclusion, these packages are just what people living in Calgary need to visit this mystical land of the Pharaohs.  So, all those who are tired and are planning for a trip to Egypt for some peace of mind, simply log into these websites immediately!

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